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2018 Hyundai Sonata Car Manual

2018 Hyundai Sonata Car Manual 9,3/10 6049reviews

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Blind Spot Detection assists the driver by warning of other cars in the blind spot region. It senses the rear side territory of the vehicle when it is traveling over 20 mph. Lane Change Assist provides an audible and visual alert if the turn signal is activated and another vehicle in the blind spot is sensed. Farmall 806 Service Manual. The turn signals must be activated for the Lane Change Assist to function.

There are limitations to the function, range, detection and clarity of the system. It will not detect all vehicles or objects in the blind spot. Its operation depends on the size, distance, angle and relative speed difference between your car and other cars.

Blind Spot Detection and Lane Change Assist may not operate if sensors are obscured in any way. Do not rely exclusively on Blind Spot Detection. Blind Spot Detection is a supplemental system and the driver must still be attentive and exercise caution when driving with it. It is important to always signal, look over your shoulder and through your mirrors before changing lanes. It is the driver's responsibility to be aware of the surroundings and ensure it is clear before changing lanes or directions. Space 5000 Hiab Manual. Blind Spot Detection is only meant to assist the driver in these responsibilities. The Rear Cross-traffic Alert system is designed to help notify drivers of approaching cross-traffic behind the vehicle.

When a vehicle is detected, it provides an audible warning and visual display warning. Rear Cross-traffic Alert is a supplemental system and the driver must still exercise extreme caution when backing up. Drivers must always turn and view oncoming traffic before backing up. Rear Cross-traffic Alert is active when the vehicle is in reverse and backing at a speed less than 6 mph. It may not detect all vehicles, depending on the size, angle, distance and speed of the other vehicle. In addition, Rear Cross-traffic Alert does not detect stationary objects or slow moving objects near the car, including pedestrians (including children), shopping carts, bicycles or baby strollers. The sensor will not function if it is blocked by foreign material, bicycle racks, luggage carriers, bumper stickers, mud or snow.

2018 Hyundai Sonata Car Manual

Please see Owner's Manual for additional information. The Lane Departure Warning with Lane Change Assist is designed to help notify the driver if the vehicle is leaving the lane of travel by audible warning and flashing a display signal.