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77 Yamaha Dt 400 Service Manual

77 Yamaha Dt 400 Service Manual 8,0/10 1506reviews

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I picked up a 1978 Yamaha DT 400 yesterday. It came with title, original tool box, and Clymers manual.

I have another 1978 DT 400 and both of them combined I'm still within 3 digits for cost. Had to pull the trigger on this deal. Talking about jetting for Endurofest with my father, he said the bigger bikes will have less problems then the smaller bikes. I plan to use it for Endurofest. It still might need jetting, but I think it will handle the high altitude better. I am not going to do a full restoration until the fall.

Free Motorcycle Manuals for download. Classic-Yamaha DT 250 E - 400 E - Air Cooled - Parts List: Classic-Yamaha RD 250 400-1976 Service Manual. 2006 Kia Sedona Lx Repair Manual.

I am going to be going thru the bike to make sure its ready, Here is a short video. I cleaned the carb and it fired up. I still need to adjust it, so never mind the 3,000 RPM IDLE.

1978 Yamaha Dt 400 Enduro

Fisher Minute Mount 1 Owners Manual. Devin wrote: I just looked the top speed stock is 85 MPH. For Endurofest, I need low end torque. And for daily driving I want torque for acceleration to get out of bad situations. Any recommendations for Chain sprocket combo? The more torque the better Unless you are HUGE the stock setup is actually fine.

I run stock on all my 400's and have never had an issue with not enough torque. These bikes are not quick spinners, but when you put them in second gear, it is kind of like putting a Chevy Truck in drive. You can lug them down to about 1,000 rpm and wind them out to 6,500 and they don't complain and you will find that covers about 90% of the trails we ride. We won't talk about Kane Creek in Moab right now... Disclaimer This site is not affiliated with Yamaha Motor Corporation.

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