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Ge Cf34 Engine Manual

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Aviation Engine Services for the CF34 As the best-selling regional jet engine in its class, the CF34 by General Electric has become a commercial aviation industry favorite. The CF34 aircraft engine can generally be found on business jets and 50, 70, or 100 seat regional jets; it has become the industry standard on 50 and 70-seat aircraft. Airlines have a critical need for expert CF34 jet engine maintenance that is performed cost-effectively. GE Aviation CF34 Aircraft Engine Profile • Two-shaft turbofan engine • Fourteen-stage compressor • First three compressor stages: blisks • Two-stage high-pressure turbine • Four-stage low-pressure turbine Aircraft Engine Technical Specifications (CF34-3) Max. Thrust 61. Kt 76a Transponder Manual here. 3 kN Air mass flow 199.6 kg/s Bypass ratio 5:1 Pressure ratio 28:1 Length 3251 mm Max.

The CF34 Turns 20 by Charles Chandler On Oct 26. Tom Hoferer, GE Aviation’s director for CF34 Engine Services, gives some insight to GE’s vetting process. Mariner 75hp Manual. The CF34 Turns 20 by Charles Chandler On Oct 26, 2012 The GE CF34 family of engines has provided power to both business aircraft and regional airliners for 20 years.