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Toyota Avensis Sat Nav Manual

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Toyota Touch & Go helps you get to your destination with only the push of a couple of buttons. In this video we show you how to get the most out of your sat-nav. Press MAP NAV The blue arrow on the screen represents your Toyota and shows where it is on the map and which way it is facing.

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The item “TOYOTA AVENSIS TR D-4D 2.2 DIESEL 6 SPEED MANUAL, SAT-NAV BLACK” is. The item “2004 Toyota Avensis 2.0 D-4D T Spirit Sat-Nav. Find great deals on eBay for toyota avensis satnav. Shop with confidence.

To set your destination: Press NAV Select ENTER DESTINATION Enter the destination’s street name or postcode Press CALCULATE ROUTE The system will give you the option to choose from three routes – FAST, SHORT or ECOLOGICAL. You also have the option to avoid motorways, toll roads, tunnels or ferries/car trains when you select AVOID.

Point of Interest search One of the Touch & Go’s most useful features is the Point of Interest search. Banks, restaurants, petrol stations, schools, museums, coffee shops – there are over six million to choose from. Press ENTER DESTINATION Press POI – Point of Interest Select CATEGORY, NAME or MAP Follow the on-screen instructions to navigate to your point of interest. Toyota Touch and Touch & Go How to videos. Hi Jason, Thanks for getting in touch.

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We apologise for this and the inconvenience this has caused. Regarding the registration number not being able to work, please use the vehicle identification number (VIN) instead and we will look into this for you. Free Hyundai Tiburon Repair Manual here. You can find out how to find it here:. The postal code should allow more than four characters, please be advised, once you have finished the first part of the postal code (3/4 character depending on the length of the code) use the ‘space’ function on the multimedia user interface.

This should allow you to consequently enter the second part of the code. If this does not work please do get back in touch with us. That is what I do. But it does not change the displayed units to KM. It only display’s them in MILES. And after going back into the menu, sometime my selection km goes back to miles automatically. The other thing that I notice is if you have the engine running and you change it to KM it keeps the selection but will not display the measurements in KM but only in miles.

John Deere 2020 User Manual Green Manual. But if you do not have the engine running and try to change it from MILES to KM then it will not save the change. It goes back to miles automaticaly •. Hi Andrew, Thanks for getting in touch! You should be able to alter this when the alert sounds, by turning the volume control down. You are also able to turn the route guidance instructions down in this way or via the “volume settings” menu.

You first need to select “general settings” to see this sub-menu. If this still fails to rectify the issue, we would advise you to contact your Toyota Centre, as the system may need a reset or potentially an update, however the Toyota Centre can advise when they inspect the vehicle. Can we check if you been on the My Toyota website and downloaded the Owner’s Manual for your vehicle? Many thanks 🙂.

On My 66 plate RAV4 hybrid has sat nav and the voice instructions disappeared completely and I couldn’t even find a hint in the handbook or the menus as to how to recover it! In the end I googled it and found this page which whilst not giving me the answer spurred me on to try again.

Eventually I found that pressing and holding the “ear and exclamation mark” screen button and turning up the audio volume at the same time the voice came back. Not very impressed especially as it’s not anywhere in the handbook or the setup instructions. Why can’t my touch and go pronounce place names correctly? In my previous Prius when driving abroad in France the speech was immaculate. Now in my Prius+ the sat nav has turned into a bumbling fool and tried to pronounce all the letters at once.