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Whitfield Pellet Manual

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Cleaning a Whitfield stove - company method: I have a number of Pellet stove manuals. Write to the address below Whitfield Profile CDS - electric eye New update - replace the electric eye with a snap switch! Whitfield Operating Instructions (short version) Back to pellet stove repair. Back to main Whitfield Pellet Stove Page. CLICK FOR PDF OF THIS BOOKLET. Whitfield Trouble Shooting This help file will help Diagnose most Whitfield pellet stoves. The flow charts and are for Advantage II, II-T and plus stoves.

Whitfield pellet stove repair, pellet stove repair, auger repair, cleaning a pellet stove, pellet stove control board repair Whitfield pellet stove repair Update 2-15- 2018 I'm going to fix this page. It was started in 2003. 13 long years of just adding to the same page!! NUMBER 1: If you use the 'electric start' (400 watts) you may have to check the watts used at start-up against the UPS ability. The electronics are usually the second problem I have found besides simple cleaning errors or stuff.

Your controller costs $400 or more to replace, protect it. Mine is from 1996! If you have damaged it, it can be repaired for a lot cheaper, read-on!

I have a number of Pellet stove manuals. Write to the address below - electric eye New update - replace the electric eye with a snap switch! Have it work all the time, but still have a safety.

Whitfield Pellet Manual

Astroflamm Integra manual & Various makers, they send you one and only the back that needs to be installed on your old front. ( way cheaper to fix them) ([email protected] ) 530-820-3700 Warning, this is for your knowledge only! I do not assume any responsibility to you or the safety of your property. By-passing any safety features and you and your home can become ash! This is what I have discovered and repaired on my own pellet stove. Gas type fireplaces.

Call the gas company - period! Check for pellet stove and you'll find videos on how to clean & repair pellet stoves!! There are also a lot of places to buy pellet stove parts on and Be wary of the prices, cheap is not always good as I bought an E-bay auger and it only lasted a year!

2018 - After 22 years of service, my Advantage III controller started to act funky. After cleaning the stove, I started it again and the fan and heat went to 5 and stayed there. Button would not work. After some 20 attempts it did run and ran for a month, but would go into LOW mode for no reason and no buttons would work. I pulled the plug and it would work right, after a few weeks I had to pull the plug again and restart. So I ordered a new controller from and a few days later it's in my hands. I did wait some month and a half as the old one was still working and the temps were in the single digits for a few weeks.

Finally in Feb, during a warm spell, I cleaned the stove and again, after the controller cooled down it would just go to full and not react to any buttons. So I swapped in the new one (takes all of 3 min) and the stove is back to running like it should.

I still have the 2 original fans, on the third auger (the second was bad from the start, only lasted a year). I had this stove on a UPS since new, something you should consider. The batteries in these UPS can be replaced for $20 every 4-5 years. Again thx to you and your articles on the forum, which saved me at least 250.00 Oct.

2016 - Whitfiled would not operate. It seems a mouse made a home by the control panel and ate/broke wires near the control panel. Stove was recently bought used and was out in the garage for some time.

Not my stove. Mine is still running.

Jan '12: Nov. 2011 - I am the proud owner of a Whitfield Pellet stove, purchased in Aug. After 4 years of use, being on constantly from November to March each year twenty four hours a day, one day the stove stopped running.

I tried to resolve the problem. There were pellets in the hopper, power to the stove and the RED 'heat' lights were on and the RED feed light would blink on and off every few seconds.

I also heard the motor run every time the RED feed light would to go on. I emptied the feeder and watched the action of the feeder screw. The motor would hum for the 4 seconds but the screw would not turn.

I could turn the auger forward and back a bit, so the auger didn't seem to be jammed by anything. (I later found out the motor/auger is not bolted to anything and I was turning the whole assembly. So a pellet or other item could have become stuck between the auger and tube) It was February and cold and needed the warmth so I checked the tech page at the (now owned by Lennox, that should keep the Pellet Stove department viable for years to come).

No help but the basics I already tried. Their page stated that you should call a 'professional' to resolve any other problems. The stove was installed by myself after years of having a standard fireplace, then a coal stove and now this pellet stove. It was also a Sunday, no one to call and ask.

Update - 12-'03: Your Whitfield pellet even with pellets burning in the pot. Need a 'low heat temp' switch. Gotta have heat.

You can (for a couple of days) to keep the stove running until the part arrives. Jumping this part will not allow you stove to shut off by itself. So if you need to turn it off.

Pull the plug. Update: 12-2016: Whitfield Profile 30 with electric eye.

Wheel Horse B100 Parts Manual on this page. Yea, they put an electric eye in a dirty area. First clean it,.

If you NEED heat and can watch it, I have had someone short the connection, ONCE the fire started. You may need it in to begin (it provides resistance to controller) then I was told you can short that connection. I am checking out that they are simple 'oil burner electric eyes' that go on Amazon for $6.

Soooo watch out for 'special Whitfield part' for $$$ that is just that standard part. If you bring it to a local oil repair store, they most likely have one for a few bucks more.

Personal thoughts: I get a number of E-mails about dead control panels. If you see my story, I have my pellet stove plugged into a UPS for back-up power.

I am also thinking it has protected the control panel (about $280 + ) from various voltage surges. So my suggestion. Buy a $60 - $90 + or so UPS and plug the pellet stove into it. A standard 'surge strip' has a $2 part in them.

The UPS will have a very nice voltage filter PLUS if the power goes for a second or 5 minutes, this will keep the stove going and protect the control panel from various electrical problems. Remember, the stove will expel lots of smoke if the power is out even for 2 seconds. This information may assist you in fixing any pellet stove.